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FCYO is NOW ACCEPTING applications for immediate admission.  Review of applications and video submissions will be continuously assessed as they are submitted until the deadline of January 5, 2018.

FCYO Audition Process

STEP 1 – Pick your ensemble / check the guidelines

FCYO offers a range of symphonic, string and chamber ensemble programs. The chart below includes ensemble descriptions, repertoire and rehearsal schedules. Please use this chart to guide your selection of ensemble(s).  The Audition Guidelines documents will give you all the specifics about your ensemble and instrument.

FCYO Ensemble Information Comparison
Audition and Repertoire Guidelines

STEP 2 – Fill out an Application & Submit Audition Video

Auditioning for FCYO for mid-season admission is by video audition.

Click on the link below to fill out the application and submit the links to your video(s).

There is a $10 application fee charged at the end of the application process.

  • Applicants for Debut, Intermezzo, or Aria Strings that have been accepted to any local youth orchestra string programs DO NOT NEED TO AUDITION for FCYO this season. Please email a copy of your acceptance letter for that group to us at and your application will be advanced past the video round.
  • Applications for Debut, Intermezzo, and Aria Strings NOT participating in any local youth orchestra and ALL Youth Symphony musicians should prepare a video audition as instructed.

Specific instructions for preparing the video are listed on the application form for each ensemble/instrument.  Please make note of the information on the page when selecting an ensemble.  In general, the video will consist of:

  1. Verbal introduction (name, instrument, school and grade, and title of the solo)
  2. Solo Piece (player’s choice)
  3. Scales (two scales for string players, a chromatic and all-state major scales for winds/brass, two for mallet percussion)
  4. Short Answer (Youth Symphony only)

Important: You will be asked to provide the links to your uploaded video audition (Youtube, Vimeo, whatever you want) on the application, so it would be best to prepare the video BEFORE you fill out the application.  You can alternatively fill out the App and “Save as Draft” pending preparing of those videos.  If however you have already submitted the application without providing video links, you cannot go back and fill those fields in.  Instead, email those links directly to us at

CLICK to complete Audition Application

Tips for Audition Video preparation

Where possible, we encourage you to keep the following in mind when making the recording.

  • New applicants to FCYO are required to record an audition video(s) that includes required components. Each performance segment must be recorded in one take with no editing (though you may select the best of several takes). All videos must be recorded within eight months of the application deadline. Professional equipment and/or studio space is not necessary for a successful application to FCYO. With attention to a few details, your music making can be conveyed using readily available consumer electronics. Many past participants have recorded successful applications using iPhones or other smartphones.
  • Consider lighting, framing, and camera placement. Film in a well-lit space, and be sure that there is more lighting in front of you (rather than from behind). Place the camera so that you, your instrument, and your full range of motion are in the frame at all times. Choose a medium distance that shows as much detail as possible, while still allowing the image to be framed as described above.
  • Try to place the camera on a tripod or flat surface when shooting.
  • Test the audio level so that there is no distortion during the loudest passages of your selections, while also making sure that the softest portions can still be heard. If possible, consider using an external microphone connected to your camera to record your playing and speaking.
  • Prior to recording your audition video, clean and/or adjust your instrument to be sure it is in the best possible condition. You may wish to ask your music teacher or a professional repair person to look at your instrument to assist with any necessary adjustments.
  • Other than stopping and starting the camera between segments, no editing of the audio or video is permitted. Applicants whose videos show evidence of any cuts, splicing, manipulation of pitch, or other alteration within a performance segment will be subject to disqualification. Please note the selection of a complete, unedited performance segment from multiple takes is permissible.
  • For ease of recording and uploading, we recommend recording your audition video in segments as outlined above (i.e. one video for introduction, one for all scales, one for solo, etc.), which should be uploaded according to the instructions found above. Several fields have been provided for links to your various files.