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FCYO Audition Process

STEP 1 – Pick your ensemble

FCYO offers a range of symphonic, string and chamber ensemble programs. The chart below includes ensemble descriptions, repertoire and rehearsal schedules. Please use this chart to guide your selection of ensemble(s)

FCYO Ensemble Information Comparison

STEP 2a – Reserve an Audition 

Audition slots will be filled on a first-come/first-served basis, so don’t wait to apply.  After audition week (August 14-19), please email us at to check if we have spots still available in the ensembles.

CLICK for Audition-By-Video Instructions

STEP 2b – Fill out an Application

After reserving an audition time, visit the Audition Registration site and fill out the form to register!  If you have any troubles with the form, please call or stop by the office and we can help with a hard copy of the form.

CLICK to complete Audition Application

STEP 3 – Review and Prepare the requirements and excerpts

Open and print the audition requirements.

  1. If you are a new applicant (you did NOT audition in May) and are auditioning for Debut, Intermezzo, or Aria Strings you DO NOT have any excerpts to prepare. Aria strings has a required ETUDE for each instrument, however.  The solo is optional.
  2. If you are auditioning for Youth Philharmonic you only need to prepare the FIRST excerpt (marked #1) in the file for your instrument below and if you are auditioning for Youth Symphony you need to prepare ALL the excerpts in the file for your instrument below.
  3. All auditions are recorded and reviewed. Strings may change bowing and fingerings with help from your teacher.
  4. Please remember, you must bring your music to the audition. Copies of the excerpts will not be available at the audition sites.
2017 FCYO Audition Guidelines

Excerpts for Youth Symphony and Youth Philharmonic

Oboe/English Horn
Clarinet/Bass Clarinet
Bass Trombone
Double Bass

Required Etude for Aria Strings

Double Bass

Step 4 – Practice!

  1. Before any FCYO audition, the student should arrive early and warm-up.
  2. Warm-up space will be available, but students may share space with others for part of the time.
  3. Parents must be silent in the warm-up area or will be asked to leave.
  4. The student should plan for a thirty minute warm-up.
  5. Make sure you have your scales, etude/excerpts (if needed), solo music, pencil, and instrument.
  6. One copy of your solo piece for the jury is not mandatory, but certainly appreciated.
  7. No accompanist is required; please do not bring one.
  8. Once your audition time arrives, be at your audition site and wait for your name to be called.
  9. The audition is an important time to not only demonstrate your playing skills, but to show good focus, determination, and an excitement to learn.


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2030 Schumacher Avenue
Jacksonville, FL 32207-3892