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Intermezzo Strings

The Intermezzo Strings is a string orchestra for advancing beginner and intermediate level musicians already several years into the study of his/her instrument. The musicians begin to make music with other musicians of similar skills in a conducted ensemble before proceeding on to Aria Strings. Music chosen for the Intermezzo Strings features original and arranged repertoire for advancing beginner string orchestra. Weekly rehearsals and/or sectionals with professional musicians and conductors, several concerts each season. Comparable levels – ASTA Grade 2, Suzuki Method Books 2-3.


Typical Intermezzo Strings concerts will include a wide variety from the standard symphonic literature.  Representative works:

  • Newbold – Viking
  • Sharp – Shadows in the House
  • Offenbach – Orpheus in the Underworld, Finale (Dachow)
  • Anderson – Blue Tango (Cerulli)
  • Silva – On an Eastern Shore
  • Sharp – Shanghai Hornpipe
  • Lopez – Andalucia
  • Shirmer – Suite for Shinichi
  • Moore – Estampie
  • Silvestri – Captain America March (O’Loughlin)
  • Each season also features a special Holiday music concert with many seasonal favorites.