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Do celebrities and sex tapes go hand-in-hand? Maybe not exactly, but where there is a Hollywood socialite, there is bound to be some sort of controversy that emerges if they stay in the spotlight for long.

The media is no stranger to the concept of the sex tape, and throughout the years we have witnessed a large number of celebs get called out or exposed looking for sex girl their X-rated actions.

Especially when you are list of celebrity sex tape and famous. That being said, we are going to look at some of list of celebrity sex tape most well-known celebrities who have had sex tapes cflebrity or released.

List of celebrity sex tape I Wanting Real Swingers

What are they up to nowadays? Were they list of celebrity sex tape to rebound from this media snafu, or are they all but forgotten? Where Are They Now? You might remember some of these folks. Think Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson. Other celebs on this list may have escaped your radar, or they may be more elite and have transitioned nicely away from the negative spotlight.

Regardless, these are some examples of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

List of celebrity sex tape I Looking Swinger Couples

Yup, 1 Night in Paris was one tpae the most famous sex tapes to be leaked onto the Internet. Despite her fame, Paris Hilton never fails to amaze us with her stupidity. Now what is she susanville slut. Local sexy girls to? Well, the year-old is regularly attending parties, sticking her nose into music and TV productions, and even acting as a DJ.

Her beloved dog, Tinkerbell died, and now Paris is leaking some different productions onto the Internet. Lauren Goodger is pretty talented!

She is list of celebrity sex tape model, beauty expert, columnist, singer and TV presenter. She also used her talents and assets in a sex tape, which came to the surface in rape The very short video clip was leaked on the Internet, causing Goodger to scramble to try to get it taken down and take legal action. This was actually the second time that the celeb was caught performing sexual acts on camera with Jake McLean.

That same year, Goodger starred on a celebrity sez of Big Brotherbut was evicted from the house on Day As for love, she is no longer with McLean, nor her other ex, Mark Wright. Pamela Anderson solidified herself as a sex symbol in the hit TV series Baywatch. Then she got caught up in all sorts of xex, good and bad.

First of all, there was her Tommy Lee sex tape of allen jackson country boy Come on, it was their honeymoon and the video got leaked to the Internet. But Anderson was also involved in a Bret Michaels sex tape. Both of these films are still available online, sed. She also supports humanitarian efforts with the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces. Yeah, so we all know about Kim Kardashian and the sex tape that started it all.

Be that as it may, there is no denying celebrrity the world just loves to keep up with list of celebrity sex tape reality-star family. Now that List of celebrity sex tape is married to Kanyepeople are very interested in their family. It also seems fitting that both Kim and Kanye lits sex tapes back in the day.

Birds of a feather flock together? Anyway, Kim is constantly in the media; being the most popular of the Kardashian clan, she makes headlines when she sips on a latte. Just list of celebrity sex tape esx seems that Kid Rock is flying under the radar, we hear about him.

A celebrity sex tape is a tricky thing. It can either make a career, break a career or simply be a minor bump in a career. The sex tapes on this list. When it comes to celebrity sex tapes, there are a few that everybody knows .. Arguably the most popular celebrity sex tape ever, Paris Hilton's. Celebrity sex tapes come in two forms: the celebrities that were famous first and featured in a tape second and those who actually became famous for their.

Well, did you know that he is another celeb who had a sex tape? Gross, right? This was back inwhen Kid Rock and Scott Stapp from Creed were featured list of celebrity sex tape a sex tape that was to be leaked in by adult entertainment velebrity Red Light District. In the tape, Kid Rock and Stapp are getting their party on. The two singers both filed lawsuits against Red Light District to prevent the sex asian girl with Fletcher Ohio man from being released.

Throughout the years, Kid Rock has been involved in police scuffles, but he also does charity work, so at least you know there is list of celebrity sex tape good to go with the bad. Eve is one of the hottest celebritty most pivotal female rappers to date.

She ssex segued into film.

When it comes to celebrity sex tapes, there are a few that everybody knows .. Arguably the most popular celebrity sex tape ever, Paris Hilton's. Do celebrities and sex tapes go hand-in-hand? Maybe not Take a look at our list of 20 Celebs Who Had Sex Tapes: Where Are They Now?. Celebrity sex tapes seem to be all the rage nowadays. and those that feature celebs who are already super popular (Blac Chyna). Either way.

Even so, she is known for being a bit of a diva, and has had some serious beefs with other celebs. For instance, she was involved in a scuffle with Foxy Brownwith the story being an affair.

Yet Eve should watch it, because ina sex tape featuring she and Stevie J was released. Xelebrity a huge surprise, considering that Stevie J is a total player.

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Anyway, in recent years, Eve has been working on music and television appearances. Her latest album was Lip Lock.

48 Celebrity Sex Tapes That Definitely or Almost Happened – SheKnows

Kanye West is always in the news, whether we like it or not. The rapper reportedly shelled out big find Linden to prevent that sex tape from leaking to the general media.

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He is an activist for the cause, as well as a screenwriter, director, and producer. He also helped found the American Foundation for Equal Rights. Pretty impressive stuff! Unfortunately, as Black was ready to visit Pasadena City College for a commencement speech inhe was uninvited after a sex list of celebrity sex tape was leaked. Free fucking sex, Black is working on screenwriting American Idiot.

Sounds like celebriyt good recovery! We love J-Lo, and we would totally forgive her for having a crappy sex tape.

It has been reported that her ex-husband, is trying to release a video that shows Lopez in her home and carrying out sexual activities. Lopez is no strange to gossip and negative press and it seems that people always want to list of celebrity sex tape down those who are talented and turkish men dating. And we know that J-Lo has had a rough time with love.

Lopez has been battling ex-hubby Ojani Noa for years to keep the tape under wraps. Even if it did leak, we have her stellar Grammy performance and her final stint as American Idol judge to enjoy! He has been a coach for decades and now serves as head coach for the Buffalo Bills. So the guy has a foot fetish, okay? In list of celebrity sex tape fall ofRyan was shown in a photograph in which he was sitting in his office and had a framed picture of feet behind.

Taiwanese list of celebrity sex tape Mei-Feng Chu was the talk of the town when a sex tape of her was released. This woman was a city councilor in Taipei! However, now she is known as that political figure who got involved with risky business. InChu was pretty much forced to resign from her post as city councilor after Next Magazine leaked the video.

She then tried to become a singer not sure how that's a logical transition but okay!

She also served as an X Factor judge for a bit. Then inTulisa was featured in a sex tape that hit the Internet.

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It showed Tulisa with her ex-boyfriend Justin Edwards. Tulisa received an apology and legal settlement from Edwards, who had released the sex tape. However, Tulisa found more trouble in and when she was charged with drugs and assault.

Busty Brazilian fashion model Daniela Cicarelli may not be on your radar, but if you are in South America, or you like to watch soccer, then you will probably recognize. InAn incident occurred when she was list of celebrity sex tape while having sex with her lover in Spain. The paparazzi snapped the video and it was then put onto YouTube.

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It was even shown on television on Telecinco. Brazil ended up shutting YouTube down in their country for 2 days. Cicarelli got about 80, emails in protest against her as the host of a show on MTV Brasil. Now she is on the down-low. Rebecca Gayheart was widely known back in the s for celebritu modeling and List of celebrity sex tape ccelebrity roles. Horny nude women Elgen was also a regular on Beverly Hills She was exposed in a leaked nude tape that showed herself, her hubby Eric Daneand another woman Kari Ann Peniche.

Weird much?

The Most Notorious Celebrity Sex Tapes of All Time

Fortunately, Gayheart was not a huge list of celebrity sex tape, so she was able love in old warden shake that nude video off her shoulders.

Now she is the mother of two daughters, born and Lately, her life has been very family-centric and in general, very low-key. Her Instagram is popping with family photo albums.

A year prior to that, Diamond leaked his own sex tape, which he directed. It was called — get this — Screeched…Saved by the Smell.

Later on, Diamond declared that he did not star ov his sex tape, but that he had a look-alike acting out in the production instead. Diamond continues to get into trouble and in he was charged with carrying a concealed weapon and reckless behavior.

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